Inside Naya Rivera’s relationship with Demi Lovato

It’s not just the fans of Glee cast member Naya Rivera who have been devastated by her disappearance — celebrities also are reeling over the news that the actress’s four-year-old son, Josey, was found alone on a pontoon boat, his mother nowhere in sight. Demi Lovato posted on her Instagram stories, “Please pray for @nayarivera to be found safe and sound.” Demi had played Dani, the love interest of Naya’s character, Santana, in season five of this show (per IMDB). So what was the off-set relationship between these two Glee talents? 

The year their romance dominated Glee’s storyline, 2013, was also a year when Demi Lovato was topping charts with her album, “Demi.” Naya said was grateful to have some of Demi’s glitter rub off on her. “I mean, she’s playing my love interest, so I’m very, very excited about that,” Naya had told MTV News while they were in production. “We get to sing a song together. It’s gonna be good. I’m excited to work with her.”

Demi's "Cool For Summer" hit could be about Naya

Meanwhile, Demi said she was proud to represent an LGBTQ character at a time when the community wasn’t often represented on mainstream television. “What I want people to take away from this isn’t, ‘Oh my god, Demi is kissing a girl, like this is crazy’ or whatever; I want people to take from it [that] this is actually an incredible step in our generation today where I’m able to play a young lesbian on prime time TV,” Lovato had said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest (per MTV). “It’s becoming the norm and I’m honored to be able to be hopefully inspiring people with my character to be who they are and not be afraid or ashamed.”

There’s also been speculation that Demi’s 2015 hit, “Cool For Summer,” thought to be about a relationship between women (per After Ellen), may actually have been inspired by the romance between characters Santana and Dani. Teen Vogue noted a number of connections between the two — Naya’s autobiography is entitled, “Sorry Not Sorry,” the same name as Lovato’s breakout hit track, after all — and wondered if the duo’s on-screen chemistry had been the inspiration for this racy song as well.

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