Hugh Jackman issues plea over results of biopsies in skin cancer scare

Hugh Jackman encourages suncream use after potential basal cell diagnosis

Australian movie star Hugh Jackman, 54, took to Instagram to share the good news that his two biopsies had come back “negative” after going through a skin cancer scare.

The Wolverine actor recently informed fans that his doctor had spotted “little things” that could have been signs of Basal Cell Carcinoma, which is the most common form of skin cancer.

Fortunately for the star, his tests were clear, but he was keen to remind fans to be vigilant in their use of sunscreen following his ordeal.

Hugh shared on Instagram this evening: “My biopsies came back negative!!!

“Thank you for ALL the love. I feel it!”

“And to the media for helping get this very important message out.

“Please remember to wear sunscreen with a high level of SPF (no matter the season).

“Love. HJ,” the Hollywood actor concluded.

The Golden Globe winning star previously had six skin cancers removed from his face back in 2017, within a two-year period.

In 2021, Hugh had another worrying brush with the disease after an inconclusive result emerged from a biopsy on his face.

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Hugh updated fans on his health scare while wearing a bandage on his nose in a social media video on Tuesday.

The Logan star explained: “Hey guys. So, I wanted you to hear it from me just in case someone sees me on the street or whatever.

“I’ve just had two biopsies done. I just went to my doctor, Dr. Airan, who’s awesome.

“I’ll find out in two or three days and as soon as I know, I’ll let you know.

“Just to remind you, Basal Cell in the world of skin cancers is the least dangerous of them all.”

“Please wear sunscreen. It is just not worth it,” he added.

“No matter how much you want to tan, trust me, trust me, trust me.”

The Greatest Showman favourite urged fans: “Put some sunscreen on. You’ll still have an incredible time out there, alright? Please be safe.”

Hugh shared the sun spots he has been getting removed from his skin are the product of his time spent outside in warm weather 25 years ago.

Back in 2015, the actor admitted to ABC News that his childhood “was all outdoors” and that lotions to protect his skin from the sun were not a priority in his family at the time.

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