Howie Mandel Ventures Out with 'Do Not Disturb' Hat During Coronavirus Pandemic

Howie Mandel has a warning for anyone even thinking of interacting with him … and all you need to do to heed the warning is take a hard look at his noggin.

The famed “AGT” germophobe took a stroll Friday with the words “Do Not Disturb” emblazoned on his hat.

Howie’s gotta be having a hard time dealing with the coronavirus pandemic … for decades he’s had blinding fear of contracting illnesses …. some of that fear was phantom, but this is starkly real.

You’ll recall, we got Howie out a week ago — before “AGT” was shut down — and he wasn’t taking any chances. There’s a good reason, too — his fellow-“AGT” judge Heidi Klum took ill on the set and went home. Last we heard she hadn’t gotten results from her coronavirus test.

BTW … Howie’s allowed to take a walk and get some exercise, as long as he keeps his distance. That shouldn’t be a problem.

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