How Julia Garner Learned About Her ‘Ozark’ Season 4 Finale – Emmys Backstage

All’s well that ends well, not necessarily for the tragic character of Ruth Langmore on Netflix’s Ozark, rather for the actress who plays her, Julia Garner, who took home her third Supporting Actress – Drama Series Emmy.

Ruth met her end in the season four finale of Ozark, as she was shot and killed by Camila Navarro, the new cartel boss.

Funny thing is, Garner knew Ruth’s end was coming.

“It was really strange when I started filming it, I do a lot of meditation work for my preparation and for some reason what I was seeing, not to get very dark, but I didn’t see Ruth having a very long life and being an old lady,” Garner revealed backstage at the Emmys.

“That struck me as strange. I woke up from meditation. (Then) Chris Mundy, our showrunner, said ‘I need to talk to you.’ I said, ‘Am I going to die?’ And he’s like ‘Yeah, you are.’ He said, ‘Who told you?’ I said ‘I was in meditation!’”

Talking about how the part has just resonated with her, Garner says, “What ruth gave me was in a deeper way a sense of confidence. I learned so much from her as a person. I look at her as a person. Not only did she change my career, but she changed me as a person.”

Asked what accent she loves more: Ruth or Inventing Anna con-artist Anna Delvey, Garner answered, “Well, there’s so different. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.”

“It comes down to the way they move their tongues,” explained Garner.

“Ruth is a little more sing songy,” said the 3x Emmy winner in a southern-friend accent.

“Anna is a very flaaaaatt. Whaateevver,” she quipped in a German tone.


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