Helen Skelton takes cheeky swipe at catering behind scenes on Channel 5’s On The Farm

Springtime On The Farm: Helen Skelton says she ‘nearly cried’

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Helen Skelton has been a firm fixture on This Week On The Farm alongside Jules Hudson and farmers Rob and Dave Nicholson since the show’s debut last year. The presenter has addressed the downsides to working on the Channel 5 programme, as she cheekily took aim at the catering.

The 37-year-old opened up about filming during lockdown and revealed that being on the show was the only social life she enjoyed at the time.

It came as England went into a third lockdown following the coronavirus pandemic.

Helen, who also fronts Countryfile, revealed that filming the programme can be “intense”.

However, addressing her time on the show, she admitted there is no other show that she would rather be fronting.

“Don’t get me wrong, when we film in the summer we film through the night because it’s an open farm and we want to minimise the risk of Covid,” Helen explained.

“There are times when you’re in the barn at 4am and your ankles are deep in cows**t and there like, ‘Do a 78th take because an alpaca turned the wrong way.’ There are times we’re your like, wow this is intense.

“But actually there’s no gig that I’d rather be doing. It’s just a laugh.”

She continued: “The team are all my friends socially anyway. I think we all feel a bit lucky that we’ve had no social life this year but we’ve actually gone to work and it’s been good fun. Even the rubbish catering.

“We used to be so ungrateful for something so perfect. You get an average meal and we all get so excited because we’re not eating in our own kitchens.”

Helen went on: “As soon as I get there, I’m like, ‘Guys, what’s for lunch. Stale bread and last week’s chilli? Brilliant. Can’t wait. I’ll sit two tables away from you and we’ll have a conversation.’

“We don’t take it for granted.”

Speaking about the reaction from viewers, Helen commented: “It’s so overwhelming.


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“I started on radio in 2005 and the reaction to On The Farm is just surreal.”

The TV star also revealed the response the Channel 5 show received from none other than Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It comes as On The Farm has continued to film during the coronavirus pandemic, keeping families up and down the country entertained.

She explained how Rob and Dave received a letter from the Conservative Party leader, as she recalled how they all took the “p***”.

Helen admitted she was unaware of how much the show had meant to the public, until witnessing candid moments with her co-stars.

She said: “I’ve been at the farm in the summer when we’re not filming with my kids in the playground.

“And you hear people, grown-ups going, ‘Let’s go and see Emma.’ I didn’t get it until I heard it.”

She added: “When the Prime Minister sent Rob and Dave a letter to say ‘thank you’ for helping keep the nation’s spirits up, we all took the p*** a bit, but I get it.”

This Week on the Farm is available to watch online at My5.


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