Hayley Atwell Becomes Victim Of Nude Picture Leak On X-Rated Website

Hayley Atwell is reportedly the latest celebrity victim of a nude picture leak by an unnamed X-rated website, per several media outlets.

According to the Mirror, nude photos of the 36-year-old actress – best known for her role as Peggy Carter in several Marvel projects – have been downloaded to an unnamed website that specializes in leaking explicit celebrity photos.

According to a report by the Sun, the hackers of the X-rated website have threatened to expose additional nude photos of Hayley on their website.

“Busty British actress Hayley Atwell appears to have just had the nude photo above leaked to the Web as part of a preview for the upcoming leaking of her full set,” the hackers penned in the caption of the leaked photo.

Sources close to the actress told Daily Star the leak has been a “nightmare” for Hayley.

“In recent years, [Hayley] has hit the big time in Hollywood, so this is the last thing she will have wanted to happen,” the source explained.

In addition to her role in several Marvel films, she is also known for the role of Julia Flyte in Brideshead Revisited and Margaret Schlegel in Howards End. The latest movie credit to her name includes the role of Evelyn Robin in Disney’s Christopher Robin. Atwell is also known by many of her fans for her lengthy sex scene with Domhnall Gleeson in Netflix Original Series Black Mirror.

Atwell is just the latest female celebrity to be the victim of a nude photo hack and leak. Other celebrities that have fallen victim to this in the past include Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton, and Paris Hilton.

It was four years ago that Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence also became the victim of leaked nude photos making rounds on the internet. She was one of several celebrities at the time that had their photos stolen from their iCloud account. According to Daily Mail, Lawrence admitted the leak was “unbelievably violating.”

“You can just be at a barbecue and somebody can just pull them up on their phone. That was a really impossible thing to process,” she added.

Edward Majerczyk – the hacker later named for hacking and stealing the photos of Lawrence and several other celebrities – received a nine month jail sentence for the crime.

Several media outlets have reached out to Atwell for a comment regarding the leak. According to the Daily Star, a spokesperson of the actress declined to comment on it. The actress is expected to take legal action against the hackers, according to multiple sources.

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