Harry Enfield denies issuing ‘Royal apology’ to Prince Charles over ‘cruel’ Windsors show

GMB: Harry Enfield denies ‘apology’ to royal family

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Harry Enfield, 60, is currently starring in the West End in a new performance of his comedy series The Windsors. Called Endgame, this will see the comedian reprising his role as Prince Charles in the satire.

Earlier this week, it was reported Harry had issued an apology to Prince Charles, after learning the future king thought his portrayal was “quite cruel”.

The comedian had been quoted as saying: “I was told that Prince Charles thought it was very cruel.”

Harry reportedly added he felt “rotten really” before saying: “I’m very sorry, Sir.”

However, the Loadsamoney star has now admitted he never issued an apology to the royal.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain earlier today, Harry was questioned about how people have perceived his portrayal of the royals.

Referencing host Richard Bacon’s own past in the press, Harry said things are not always portrayed “how they actually are”.

In particular, Harry said he’d not actually “issued a ‘Royal apology’” to Prince Charles over his portrayal in the show.

The comedian dismissed the claims as he discussed how they create the show.

GMB presenter Ranvir Singh then pressed Harry on his comments, asking if he’d ever met the royals himself.

The comedian clarified: “I’ve met Camilla, she was very nice.”

Although he added how he never thinks about how they’ll respond if he may meet them at some point.

“Absolutely not because it’s like King Arthur coming back and watching Spamalot and going, hang on this is not historically accurate,” Harry hit back.

“It’s the same as that, it’s got all-singing, all-dancing and there’s a fight to the death between me and Wills.”

Harry first started playing Prince Charles in the Channel 4 series The Windsors back in 2016.

Since then, the show has been reprised for three series and two special episodes.

Now it has even hit the stage in a version called The Windsors: Endgame, which is running until October 9.

Alongside Harry, it stars Tracy-Ann Oberman, Kara Tointon and Jenny Rainsford.

It imagines Prince Charles being challenged by Prince William for the crown.

The latter is also hoping to convince Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to return from California to help out.

Speaking to The Mirror recently, the performer admitted it can be “quite cruel” sometimes.

He said: “Some of it’s quite cruel because it’s quite biting.

“You know, there’s bits in the show – there’s a bit where Wills is saying to me, ‘Do you not think we’re a complete waste of space?’

“And I go, well, someone’s paying me £19 million pounds a year to do something.”

“So it’s that sort of level of satire which I suppose could be deemed as cruel,” Harry added.

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