Gogglebox cast: June Bernicoff’s heartbreaking revelation after husband Leon’s death

June Bernicoff, 81, and her husband Leon Bernicoff were an instant hit on the Channel 4 show, and quickly became fan favourites on Gogglebox. The former reality star has now admitted she finds it difficult to enjoy television since her beloved husband’s death. Leon died just before Christmas in 2017, and June has not featured on the programme since then. In a candid interview with The Sun, the former school teacher revealed she “can’t settle” down to watch the TV and gets restless.

I find it difficult

June Bernicoff

She told the publication: “I don’t watch much TV these days, if I’m honest. I find it difficult.

“I’ve been reading a lot more, or listening to the radio, but I just feel restless whenever I sit down to watch it.”

She added: “I find myself getting up to make a lot of cups of tea and I can’t settle.”

June recently opened up about living alone and admitted she can still hear her husband’s “witty remarks”.

The small-screen star said she still has Leon’s armchair in their leaving room, according to The Mirror.

She told the publication: “People talk about how difficult it is coming into an empty house.

“But it’s funny, I never really feel the house is empty somehow. Leon was such a large figure… I can hear him saying things like, ‘Why have you got this nonsense on?’ when I’m listening to Classic FM.

“It’s strange going out on my own, though, and things like driving the car are hard, because he always wanted to be behind the wheel.”

Meanwhile, the former Gogglebox castmate has now written a book which tells the romantic tale of their lives together, spanning over six decades.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, June divulged the reasoning behind the book and revealed it was one of Leon’s dreams.

She said: “He always used to say ‘I’m going to write our love story one day’, you know as if there was anything special about it so to speak.

“And so I thought, ‘yeah, maybe I’ll do it!’”

June then went on to divulge more details about how she felt when looking back on their journey as a couple.

She said: “It was amazing how it made me think backwards to times when we met and our life together instead of dwelling on the sadness that I was on my own again.”

Paying tribute to Leon’s approach to life, June added: “Leon had no filter. I was thinking, oh my goodness he’s going to say something we’d all regret. But… viewers just took it on board.”

Gogglebox continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

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