Glenn Close Disguises Herself as Joe Biden In Funny Instagram as Election Results Come In

Glenn Close is feeling really good on Election Day as she dressed up as Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The 73-year-old Oscar nominated actress went all out to show her support for Mr. Biden, by using a cut out of his face for a face mask, plus a sweatshirt from the campaign which read “unity over division.”

“Joe is feeling GOOD,” Glenn captioned the slideshow of pictures showing just how good she imagined Biden was doing. “GO JOE AND KAMALA!!!!”

She also added a lot of hashtags following, including “#wewillgethtroughthistogether” and “#joebidenforpresident2020,” as well as “#ivoted,” “#voteblue2020,” and “#proudtovoteforawoman.”

Glenn has been active in her political support for years, and was raised in a Democratic family. During the 2016 election, she backed Hillary Clinton.

Earlier today, it was revealed that Biden had won two key states in the race for the Presidential office.

You can check out his speech to his supporters here!

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