Gisele Bundchen Reveals Tom Brady’s One Weakness

Gisele’s opening up about what husband Tom Brady actually isn’t that great at.

Gisele Bundchen is opening up about the one thing – or multiple things – husband Tom Brady isn’t that great at doing. Per E! Online, the supermodel spoke out about the five-time Super Bowl winner’s biggest weakness during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week where she revealed that he just can’t seem to do more than one thing at a time.

“Is there anything that he’s not good at?” Ellen asked the supermodel of her husband of nine years on the daytime talk show, adding that it “just seems like [Tom’s] good at everything” he does. But it turns out he’s not.

Bundchen replied that the football superstar is actually “terrible” at being a multitasker. “He can just do one thing at a time,” she shared.

But while he may have a weakness when it comes to multitasking, Gisele did go on to reveal some of the other things her husband – who she’ll celebrate her 10-year wedding anniversary with in February – does have many other things besides football that he’s good at.

“He’s an amazing waffle maker… He actually makes the batter and jokes with me,” she said of his skills in the kitchen, admitting that Brady even refuses to give her the recipe because he wants to be the only one in their house who knows how to make them.

“He has some secret recipe,” she said during her most recent appearance on the talk show, joking that she thinks his secret recipe may actually come from a box. “I have never seen him making it because he literally won’t let me see it. He says, ‘Then you won’t need me.’ I say, ‘OK! That’s fine.’ It tastes delicious. I can’t stop eating them.”

Bundchen also went on to refer to DeGeneres as being her lucky charm because she said that she first met Brady over a decade ago shortly after appearing on her show.

Noting that the first time the former Victoria’s Secret model appeared on the series was way back in 2006 before she was married or a mom, Gisele said, per Entertainment Tonight Canada, that she “went on a blind date and I met my husband, so I think you might have been my good luck charm.”

“Thank you! Twelve years later, I’m very happy with how things turned out, so I appreciate it,” she then joked of how her life has changed so dramatically since her last appearance.

And despite recent speculation that Tom could soon be looking to retire from playing in the NFL at the age of 38, the supermodel shut down all the retirement reports and also made it known that she also doesn’t have any plans to leave the runway anytime soon just like her husband doesn’t plan to leave the field.

The mom of two admitted that she’s actually never worked harder than she’s doing right now and may never fully retire from her job a as a model and businesswomen, joking that she’ll keep on working until the day she dies.

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The life I live today is an accumulation of dozens of conscious decisions. When I was younger, I took advantage of the doors that swung open for me. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to push the doors open—for myself. If we make choices more consciously, and with greater self-awareness, we will find ourselves more closely aligned to our purpose in life, whatever it may be. #lessons ???? A vida que eu levo hoje é o acúmulo de dezenas de decisões que tomei. Quando eu era mais jovem, aproveitei as portas que se abriram para mim. Mas, com o passar dos anos, comecei eu mesma a abrir as portas. Se fizermos escolhas mais conscientes, e com uma maior compreensão de nós mesmos, estaremos mais alinhados com o nosso propósito na vida, seja ele qual for. #aprendizados

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“I think I’ll retire only the day I die, because I love working. I love creating. I think that’s why we’re here: to keep creating, expanding and learning,” she told Ellen, firmly shutting down all the recent retirement reports surrounding herself and Tom.

The star’s latest comments come shortly after the Inquisitr reported that Gisele is still proudly showing off her body and her model poses on social media.

Bundchen recently revealed her amazing abs at 38-years-old in a snap posted to her Instagram account as she opened up about self-awareness while showing off her passion for yoga.

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