Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Pays Tribute To Trini Lopez

Dave Grohl took to social media on Tuesday to pay tribute to legendary singer, guitarist and actor Trini Lopez.

Lopez died in Palm Springs, California, on Tuesday due to complications linked to COVID-19.

The world lost “yet another legend,” according to the Foo Fighters frontman.

“Trini not only left a beautiful musical legacy of his own, but also unknowingly helped shape the sound of the Foo Fighters from day one,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Every album we have ever made, from the first to the latest, was recorded with my red 1967 Trini Lopez signature guitar. It is the sound of our band, and my most prized possession from the day I bought it in 1992,” Grohl added. “Thank you, Trini for all of your contributions. You will be missed by many, remembered by all.”

Lopez’s popular cover version of “If I Had a Hammer” and “Lemon Tree” were hits on the Billboard charts.

He also played the role of a convict named Pedro Jimenez in the 1967 film The Dirty Dozen.

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