‘Deserves praise’ Karren Brady defends Priti Patel over Rwanda asylum deal

Theresa May grills Priti Patel on criteria of Rwanda policy

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Business magnate Karren Brady, 53, has thrown her support behind Priti Patel’s policy on immigration which will see some asylum seekers who arrive in the UK sent to Rwanda to have their claims considered by the African authorities.

If Rwanda recognises their claim they will be granted refugee status but those who are rejected will be deported.

Karren states that “such a deterrent cannot come soon enough”.

She asserts that the policy has “the potential to save lives” and prevent “migrants [travelling to] Britain in flimsy and dangerous boats”.

Ms Patel’s deal has sparked criticism, including from the Archbishop of Canterbury who said sending asylum seekers to Rwanda is “opposite the nature of God”.

In addition, Labour leader Keir Starmer said he believes the policy is being used as a “distraction tactic” away from Partygate and the cost-of-living crisis, he told BBC’s Sunday Morning programme.

Criticism has also come from former prime minister Theresa May.

She said she does not support the deal “on the grounds of legality, practicality and efficacy”.

However, Apprentice star Karren disagrees and says Ms Patel should be applauded for the deal.

Writing in her new column for The Sun, Karren said: “Patel deserves praise, not ­criticism.

“The biggest hurdle to her Rwanda asylum deal is not the ­Archbishop of Canterbury, the BBC or Labour politicians — it’s the civil service.

“She needs the civil service to carry out the legislation — not ‘rise up’ against it.”

Ms Patel defended the agreement herself, stating that it is “not like a trade deal”.

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The Home Secretary explained to the Sunday Telegraph: “It’s not like a trade deal.

“We brought migration and economic development together for a migration and economic development partnership with Rwanda.”

She added that the policy is underpinned by a “moral duty to save lives” and that bringing it forward will “hopefully be for the greater good of humanity”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also voiced his support for the plan last week.

He said: “This is the morally right thing to do and the humane and compassionate thing to do.

“We cannot have people continuing to die at sea, paying huge sums to evil people trackers who are simply exploiting their hopes and their ambitions.

“We need to encourage them to take the safe and legal route if they want to come to this country.”

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