Danica Patrick Reveals What She's Been Up To Since Her Split From Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers‘ name has been in the news a lot lately following the NFL season and the quarterback’s revelation that he is engaged. Well now his ex, former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, is making headlines for what she’s been up to and what she’s looking forward to more of in 2021.

What Patrick said following her breakup with Rodgers

In July 2020, Patrick’s rep announced that the retired racecar driver and Green Bay Packers quarterback were “no longer together.” A reason for their breakup was not given but soon after the announcement was made reports surfaced that Rodgers and Big Little Lies actor Shailene Woodley were an item.

Patrick didn’t offer specifics about why they called it quits either but she did open up about what may have been a contributing factor during an appearance on The Rachel Hollis Show in September 2020.

“I said this at the beginning of the last relationship. I was like, ‘Look. You either grow together; one grows and one doesn’t or you grow apart,” Patrick told Hollis, adding, “I have never experienced growth without pain.”

What she’s looking forward to in 2021

Patrick isn’t looking back on the past now. She’s been focused on what the future holds and is looking forward to seeing different places in 2021.

“I feel like I’ve already done so much traveling [in] 2021, I’ve been talking to people in the last few weeks and it’s about planning trips and I’m like, ‘Let’s do it,’” Patrick said in an interview with People. “2021 is my year of travel, let’s go!”

The former Indy car driver admitted that traveling amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is “a lot more complicated” but safety is still the top priority.

“Everything’s done responsibly and, yes, you have to take more tests to go places, but look, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible,” she stated.

Patrick names some of her favorite ‘Pretty Intense’ podcast guests

Patrick has also been staying busy with her Pretty Intense podcast which she launched in 2019.

“I have so much fun with it,” she told the publication. “For me, my show is about education as well as inspiration. So, I think that both the experts and the talent in other areas through their own unique platforms — whether they be music or acting or singing or something like that, they fall into both. Like you can be educated through their inspiration or there could be inspiration from the education.”

When asked who her favorite guest was, Patrick couldn’t choose just one but said: “Jenny McCarthy was so much fun… I really enjoyed John Paul DeJoria who started Patron and Paul Mitchell, he was so inspirational. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was fascinating. I mean, there’s really so many, like Matthew McConaughey was great.”

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