Da Brat Says Being Gay in Hip-Hop's Getting Easier Despite DaBaby's Rant

Da Brat says it’s “way better now” being an openly gay rapper, and even though DaBaby‘s recent homophobic rant makes it seem otherwise — she’s “living out loud” with her ride or die fiancee Judy Dupart.

The extremely happy couple joined us Wednesday on “TMZ Live” and insisted DaBaby wasn’t speaking for all of hip-hop when he dropped that homophobic rant at Rolling Loud. Da Brat says there’s a different vibe these days when someone comes out as gay versus back when she was coming up in the industry … when artists could lose everything just for coming out.

Da Brat says there’s an easy case in point with Ellen … whose ABC sitcom was subsequently 86’d after she came out in a 1997 episode. The rapper says that undoubtedly made artists feel like they needed to continue hiding their sexual orientation — or face the consequences.

Brat herself came out just last summer, saying she was finally free to share her truth because she’s established her career after 2 decades. But, mainly, because of Judy … a successful woman in her own right as CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products.

Da Brat says Judy gave her the courage to be herself, and that supersedes the garbage that came out of DaBaby’s mouth. He has since apologized for his “hurtful” and “triggering” comments … but only after a handful of major music festivals, including Lollapalooza, dropped him from their lineups.

As for how Judy and Da Brat’s engaged life is going — fans can see ’em in action when their new show “Brat Loves Judy” premieres Thursday night on WeTV.

DB even teased their wedding perfectly … by flaunting an iceberg-sized diamond ring. Seriously, grab your shades before watching.

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