COVID-19 Vaccine Comes with Critical Facts Sheet, Reminder Cards for 2nd Dose

People getting the COVID-19 vaccine are walking away with a nifty little reminder to come back for seconds, and some important details about what’s being injected into their bodies.

TMZ has obtained a COVID-19 vaccination record card somebody was given after getting the new Pfizer-BioNtech therapeutic out of New Jersey. It’s CDC official, and very similar to the immunization cards children often get to keep track of vaccinations.

In this case, the card is very specific … and only tracks whether someone has their full 2 doses — something you need to have in order for the new vaccine to work effectively. There’s also a reminder section on the back, telling you to come back in 3 weeks.

We’re told the person who got this card was also given a Pfizer fact sheet, which explains what the vaccine’s all about, and what exactly it will or won’t do for you as far as fighting off coronavirus. Check it out, very interesting literature.

As you can see, the fact sheet notes the vaccine may help prevent the disease — key word there is “may.” It also says there’s no full-proof vaccine out yet that’s been fully approved by the FDA to for sure ward off COVID … and they make that crystal clear.

There’s a lot of good info here to educate people on whether getting this specific vaccine is right for them — including potential side effects, possible allergic reactions, ingredients and a bit of history on who went through clinical trials.

The more you know …

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