Coachella Heartache: Bella Thorne Reportedly Breaks Up with Boyfriend Mod Sun During Performance By The 1975

The Daily Mail is reporting that actress and wannabe cosmetics mogul Bella Thorne has broken up with her boyfriend, musician Mod Sun. The breakup was confirmed to the news outlet both by unidentified inside sources and Mod Sun, himself, who also said that was the one who “made the decision” to end the relationship. He also told the Daily Mail that there had been no “friction” prior to Coachella.

However, at Coachella, the Daily Mail’s sources say that the couple were overheard loudly arguing. And, apparently, the worst of the fighting happened during a live performance of the British group, The 1975, which both Bella and Mod Sun had attended as spectators.

For her part, Bella seems to also be confirming the breakup in her most recent couple Instagram posts made earlier today. In one, Bella takes a busty mirror selfie with Mod Sun in the background. As a caption to the pic, Bella writes “I will always love you. All good things must come to an end”.

In the caption to another selfie, Bella adds “Hug me I’m lonely “.

The Daily Mail‘s article also reports that Mod Sun did not rule out the possibility that he and Bella could get back together. The article quotes the alternative rap artist as saying simply “You cannot tell the future.”

Bella’s relationship with Mod Sun was so unconventional that even she had difficulties putting “labels” on it. The two had been more or less inseparable since 2017, though for most of 2018 the pair entered into a polyamorous relationship with social media personality Tana Mongeau, until Bella broke up with Tana in January or February of this year.

Interestingly, when The Daily Mail pointed out that Tana had been seen at Coachella over the weekend and asked if there had been any change in Tana’s relationship with Bella, Mod Sun answered cryptically “I can’t vouch for that relationship.”

In the gallery below, we have the two posts that Bella uploaded that seem to confirm the break up.

(Image source: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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