Chris Evans apologises to wife on-air after breaking news about home mishap: ‘My fault!’

Chris Evans apologises to his wife over dog mishap

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Pet owners everywhere mostly believe that their animals are the best, but Chris Evans, 55, has put his dog Sprinkles right above the rest. Revealing that the German Shepherd has never done anything wrong, they did have a slight mishap on Monday night; something he ended up apologising to his wife Natasha for.

She’s the best dog in the world!

Chris Evans

Speaking to his co-star Vassos Alexander on Tuesday morning’s show, he beamed: “She’s never done anything wrong!

“Tash and I have never shouted at Sparkles, she’s the best dog in the world.”

He paused briefly before he whispered: “Having said that, she did throw up on my duvet last night…”

Vassos screwed up his face as he replied: “That would definitely count as doing something wrong in my book!”

But despite the mess, Chris defended his beloved pooch.

“I tried to clear it up in the dark,” he once again paused before chuckling, “Sorry Tash… there’s a bit of an issue towards the bottom of my blanket…”

The pair began to laugh, but the radio DJ added: “That’s not her fault!”

Vassos couldn’t understand his friends reaction towards the accident, saying: “No, but it’s still doing something wrong.”

But Chris continued to disagree: “No it isn’t! The fact she had to regurgitate her food because she cant digest it properly…”

His co-star interrupted, wondering what she had been eating.

“Only the food that I gave her, so it’s my fault!” Chris thought back.

However, Vassos wasn’t convinced: “Only that though?”

Elsewhere, the former BBC star was left horrified by the state of Tash’s car after he offered to clean it for her.

Sharing his disbelief with Vassos on Monday, Chris said: “I was going to wash my wife’s car without telling her, as a treat.

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“Made me feel good, it’s a win win.”

The car fanatic described his method of cleaning but didn’t realise just how long it would take him.

“So first of all I thought I’d hoover the inside but it took me so long to clean the inside, I didn’t even get around to washing the outside!” he exclaimed.

“Tash has her fastidious, uber hygienic self and then she has her alter-ego, which lives in her car!

“It might as well have been an alien,” he scoffed.

Vassos giggled as he likened the situation to that of Monica Geller’s cupboard in the popular sitcom Friends.

Chris continued: “I thought, ‘This cannot be my wife’s car, it has to be someone else’s car!’

“If Stig of the Dump is still around and he has a more laissez-faire cousin, this might be that persons car!”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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