Chef David Chang on scientists creating lab grown dinosaur meat: ‘it’s an inevitability’

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Chef David Chang was on Jimmy Kimmel Live promoting his new Hulu series, The Next Thing You Eat, about the future of food, particularly synthetic meat. It’s out October 21 and sounds really interesting. He brought up something to Kimmel that I never thought possible. Namely that scientists may soon be able to create made from dinosaur DNA! I’ve only recently heard about lab-created meat made from cells like chicken and fish. Lab-grown meat is created by using cells from a living animal and then feeding and multiplying them. If this technology gets widespread and cheap enough it can really help the environment by limiting the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. I guess you could take this to another level by using DNA to create the cells. Imagine eating raptor or t-rex meat. David said it’s coming and that it’s just in the early stages of this technology, which is bound to get better and more sophisticated. This blew my mind. Here’s some of what they said and you can see that interview below.

On lab-grown meat
It’s lab grown meat from cells. Theoretically they can make anything… steak, chicken, salmon from cells of the real thing. I had chicken, I had salmon. The chicken was pretty damn good. The salmon is going to get there. The best way I can explain it is playing video games in the early 80s. You can see that it’s going to get a lot better.

On a scientist saying the in the trailer that they could even recreate dinosaur meat
That was a real head scratcher but it is sort of this Jurassic park kind of technology. It’s happening and I was really suspect until I tasted it. I’m here to tell you I think it’s an inevitability.

[From Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube]

David and Jimmy also wondered whether lab-grown meat is suitable for vegetarians or vegans. They didn’t have an answer for that and it seems up to the individual. This begs the question – if you’re a meat eater would you eat 1) synthetic standard meats grown in a lab like beef or pork and/or 2) synthetic dinosaur meat? I know I would eat regular lab-grown meat and have no issue with that. I’m still divided as to whether I would try dinosaur meat, but I probably would. I eat all sorts of weird manufactured food and I’ve had alligator and frog meat. I’m sure this would be safe by the time consumers could buy it. “Life breaks free, it expands to new territories.” This is amazing and exciting to me! I already eat Impossible Burgers and they taste so good. I bet you won’t be able to tell the difference within a few years.

Here’s that interview:

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