Black Woman Selling Hair Products Doesn't Want 'Karen' To Be Canceled

The Black woman selling hair care products who was approached by a white woman asking if the transactions were drug deals doesn’t want folks going after this “Karen” … but she hopes a lesson was learned.

Ronnie Marie, owner of Marie’s Luxury Hair Extensions, tells TMZ … she doesn’t want “Karen” to lose her job or get canceled over the incident.

Instead, Ronnie wants folks to keep supporting her hair care biz, like they have since video of the interaction went viral … because she says kindness is how you kill a “Karen.”

As we reported … Ronnie was approached by a white woman in Sacramento, CA while she was selling hair care products off her bicycle, with “Karen” saying the transactions looked like drug deals to some folks in the neighborhood.

Ronnie, who remained calm the entire time, tells us she delivers her products to customers at the same location every day at the same time … and claims folks in the area know her well.

She says the positive support from customers and strangers on the Internet is the best way to discourage this kind of behavior from “Karens” … and she’s not planning to take any legal action against the woman.

Ronnie’s also got a message for this particular “Karen” … about minding your business and being careful about who you approach.

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