Blac Chyna Denies Having Affair With Married Man, Accuses His Wife of PR Stunt

The former ‘Rob and Chyna’ star hits back at her accuser, alleging the woman lied for publicity stunt while insisting her relationship with the woman’s husband is strictly professional.

AceShowbizBlac Chyna fired back as she’s accused of destroying another woman’s marriage. The former E! reality television star vehemently denied having an affair with a married man, identified as artist/producer Luce Cannon.

She accused Cannon’s wife, who made the allegations, of smear campaign. “People need to stop lying and attempting to smear my name for publicity,” so the former video vixen slammed the woman.

The mother of two insisted her relationship with Cannon was strictly professional, “Cannon and I are only working together to produce amazing music. As you can see the videos being shown are at venues for music promotion.”

She concluded her response on a positive note, “I wish everyone peace and happiness in their life! Take this holiday season to enjoy family and loved ones. Merry Christmas.”

Cannon’s wife previously called out Blac Chyna for allegedly enjoying a tryst with her husband despite knowing he was married with a child. She said she was left home alone after giving birth, struggling to recovery from a c-section while caring for his newborn baby.

The woman posted footage from her husband’s encounters with Blac Chyna. One was shared by Cannon himself who added a string of heart-eyed and kissy emojis while tagging Chyna. She suggested his post “confirmed everything” she said.

“I will be filing for a divorce asap so the private and public humiliation and disrespect from both @itslucecannon and @blacchyna will END,” she claimed. “They are free to continue their affair in private and public.”

In her latest post, the woman called Cannon “the lowest of the low” for allegedly mocking his own baby.

“Sitting here reflecting on my reality right now, how does a husband leave his wife AND newborn daughter with nothing! – no money – no place to move to – no means for food …all while trying to manage postpartum and be the best me for my baby (that he disowned and laughed about on live) right before Christmas,” she wrote.

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