Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” Video Is Out, And Pimp Mama Kris Makes A Cameo

I’m in Ptown this weekend (Yes, I know it’s still working hours. Shhhh.), and I immediately knew a half hour ago when Ariana Grande released the full “thank u, next” video because the entire street was filled with squealing as though Boston had just won the Super Series or whatever it’s called. And that was just from me. After what seems like weeks of posting cosplay from every RomCom made in the early-2000s, the video about being oh-so-grateful for exes has dropped, so it’s only natural Kris Jenner made the cut for the Mean Girls arc and not Lindsay Lohan.

We already posted about how Ariana pulled in OG Mean Girls and Legally Blonde cast members like Jonathan Bennett and Jennifer Coolidge, and I was hoping Amy Poehler and her funky from-the-movie boobs would make a cameo. Amy must have been busy, so Ari got the last best thing: Kris Jenner. Since every time a member of the Koven does a nude photo shoot, Kris is right there with a camera doing the exact same poses while saying, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie,” it wasn’t a stretch for her to be the Cool Mom.

Ariana also made references to Bring It On and the sad part from 13 Going On 30, which also ended up being the bit where she gave her head a break and lobbed off the ponytail. I was glad to see the UPS guy make a return just in time for the Bend ‘n Snap portion of the Legally Blonde, and I’m sure Kris thought she had the last word with her silly “thank u, next, bitch” cackle, but that’s not true! Pete Davidson did with what I’m sure were contractually obligated references to his maybe-big wiener.

And in case you need more proof that Satan is real: Kris Jenner was trending above the earthquake in Alaska today.

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