Ariana Grande Reveals The 1 Trait That Makes Her 'Annoying to Work With'

Ariana Grande is a highly successful singer, songwriter, and actor. She is also currently a coach on the popular TV competition series The Voice

As talented and professional as the “Thank U, Next” singer is, she admits that she has at least one flaw. Here’s the one quality Grande confessed makes her difficult to work with. 

Ariana Grande shared her annoying qualities with vocal coach Eric Vetro

It takes a lot for anyone to admit their deficiencies, so it makes sense that Grande opened up to a close friend about her annoying trait instead of an unknown interviewer.

On Oct. 20, the “34+35” singer took to Instagram to promote the work of her good friend and vocal coach, Eric Vetro. She gushed about her friend in a lengthy caption, saying, “my friend and vocal coach of over 13 years, eric vetro, has started his very own podcast !!!!! it’s called #BackstagePassPod and i am so very proud of and excited for him. the link is on my story but it’s available wherever you listen to things. there are no words to describe what a gift of a human being this man is ! he has been by my side every step of the way and believed in and encouraged me, my voice, my heart, my music, my ideas since i was 15. 

“also !!!!!! there is no way i would have survived what has been vocally demanded of me over the past decade without him. from simultaneously filming a television show playing a character with a squeaky, silly voice during the days and recording my debut album at night on 0 sleep, to completing 4 tours with no vocal injuries (thank you thank you god/eric), or just about anything else i’ve experienced in my professional (or personal) life. your guidance and friendship has been and is one of the greatest gifts in my life. 🙂 

“if you’re a vocal, music nerd like me, this whole series will definitely be your cup of (throat coat) tea. aside from being one of the greatest teachers and healers on earth, he is just a gem of a human being, i truly can’t say it enough. thank you eric for our hundreds of facetime warm ups (even when i’m in another country and it’s 3am your time) and our most cherished in person lessons where we cannot get through an exercise without laughing and our countless memories. i love youuuu !”

Ariana Grande said this personality trait makes her ‘very annoying to work with’

The “God Is A Woman” singer shared her annoying trait on the debut episode of her friend’s podcast, titled “Backstage Pass With Eric Vetro.”

During the interview with Vetro, Grande shared that her “sensitive ear” makes her a perfectionist and “very annoying to work with.”

“I always had a very, very, very picky, sensitive ear,” said Grande (via Insider). “And it’s kind of made me into a perfectionist and kind of this neurotic control freak when it comes to comping my own vocals and vocal production and arranging and producing and stuff like that.”

Throughout the podcast episode, the “7 Rings” singer described her trait as both “a blessing and a curse.” As Grande said, “It’s wonderful to be able to articulate what I want and how exactly I want my voice to be mixed. But I wish I could just relax.”

The ‘Side to Side’ singer mentioned Eric Vetro in her song ‘Monopoly’

Vetro has worked with Grande for over 14 years, and her interview on his podcast isn’t the first time she has publicly expressed her support and appreciation for the vocal coach. 

She mentioned him by name on her 2019 hit “Monopoly,” featuring Victoria Monét. “I never track my vocals, so shout out to Eric Vetro,” Grande sang on the single. 

Monét explained the line in a video for Genius.” What we mean by tracking vocals is sometimes performers who dance a lot, performers who aren’t as talented live, they’ll record their vocal and then kind of lip sync over it, or do it in some parts where it gets harder,” Monét said. 

“Ariana doesn’t ever do that. She’s hitting all the high Fs and Cs or whatever every night live, and so she just gives a shout-out to her vocal coach, who she warms up with before every show and cools down with.

“When we played [Eric Vetro] the song, it brought him to tears.”

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