Anne Diamond rushed son to hospital with third-degree burns after horrifying accident

TV presenter Anne Diamond has opened up about a terrifying accident that happened while she was on holiday with her family in the US.

Anne, who has hosted shows such as Good Morning Britan and Good Morning with Anne and Nick, alongside Nick Owen was a panelist on GB News today, August 11.

She was joined by Martin Daubney, Nigel Nelson and Dawn Neesom, who discussed a new study by travel agent’s TUI on Brits who are starting to holiday in countries with cooler climates such as The Netherlands and Scandinavia rather than places like Spain and Greece.

After the conversation turned to things that had gone wrong while on holiday, the 68 year old told her fellow presenters about the time her son suffered third-degree burns

She explained: “We were in Florida once and at one of those Teppanyaki tables where the chef is doing all these things to put it on the plate in front of you.

“And one of my children leaned forward and said, ‘That was fabulous’.’”

She then imitated how her son had put his hands on the grill before him and continued: “Both his hands down on the thing, third-degree burns, had to rush to the hospital, unbelievable times. I think if you take the kids on holiday you always have funny moments.”

When Dawn pointed out that it didn’t sound like the funniest of situations, Anne clarified: “It wasn’t funny but I’ll never forget it.”

Anne shares four children with her ex-husband, Mike Hollingsworth: Oliver, Conor, James, Jake. A fifth, Sebastian, died at three months old, from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Anne revealed in June that she was fighting breast cancer. Talking to GB News's Dan Wootton, she revealed she had undergone radiotherapy and a double mastectomy while on her five-month break from presenting her breakfast show on the channel.

"I haven’t been on a world cruise, which is what a lot of social media has been saying. It hasn’t been a world cruise, it has been a fight against breast cancer. I'm still not at the end of the journey, but I'm through it enough to come back to work."

She said that she found the ordeal “very hard.”

"I had the full works, the full mastectomy. God, this is the first time I've talked about it, so it's quite difficult but I've had the full works. The first operation I had was nine hours long.

"I don't remember it. I was in and out like that, but nine hours of removal and rebuild, that took a lot of getting over and then I had an operation later where they took out lymph nodes as well, just to make sure they can trace the travel, if the cancer has travelled at all to the rest of the body. Luckily I don't think it did. I've had a load of radiotherapy, which I found very hard too."

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