All the Hot Details About Jenna Dewan’s Fiancé, Steve Kazee

Guess what, guys?! Adult career woman and all-around independent lady Jenna Dewan is officially engaged to this guy:

His name? Steve Kazee. His age? That would be 45. His job? Actor/singer, obviously! But that’s just the beginning. Here’s everything you need to know (and some things you probably don’t, TBH) about Jenna’s fiancé, including the recent news that they are engaged and had a baby boy!

So About That Engagement Announcement

Yep, Steve is about to become Jenna’s husband. Steve popped the question, and she said yes! Check out their engagement news Instagrams:

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Steve gave Jenna a diamond ring custom-made by Nikki Reed’s jewelry line, Bayou With Love. No word on how much the rock set Steve back, but a similar one on Bayou’s site costs $15,000!

He and Jenna Welcomed Their First Child in March

Jenna and Steve had a baby boy in March. They named him Callum Michael Rebel Kazee, and he’s Steve’s first child and Jenna’s second—as you probably recall, she also has a 7-year-old daughter, Everly, whom she shares with her ex Channing Tatum.

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“We are beyond overjoyed and couldn’t be happier to be expanding our family!” Jenna and Steve told People when they announced her pregnancy. Aww.

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Okay, Now Back to Steve: He’s an Accomplished Broadway Star

Kentucky-born Steve is best known for being in Once (which earned him a Tony Award), and he had a brief run in the stage version of Pretty Woman. If you have any confusion about why Jenna’s into him, go ahead and watch this:

He’s Super Fit

Here, quench your thirst with this photo of Steve pondering the meaning of life in boxing gloves:

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And while you’re at it, enjoy this unabashed mirror selfie:

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He’s a Feminist

Here’s your new favorite person Steve at the Women’s March—and please note the pink pussy hat:

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Steve’s actually a pretty politically aware/involved guy all around, at least judging from some of his recent tweets!

He and Jenna Are Super Flirty

May I present the time Steve hopped onto Jenna’s IG and left this cute comment:

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They went Instagram official back in December 2018 when Steve-o posted this:

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And ever since, they haven’t been shy about their feels for one another. Here they are looking loved-up in mid-November 2018.

See? Cute:

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And how can you not love this Insta essay he wrote Jenna?

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My heart!

He Used to Date Christina Perri

Why, yes, they did record a duet of her hit “A Thousand Years” for the Twilight soundtrack, thanks for asking!

FYI, Steve also dated Smash actress Megan Hilty for six years until around 2012. During that time, he thought this facial hair was a solid choice:

He and Jenna Moved in Together

Jenna spent her 39th birthday with Steve (duh), and they were spotted moving into a new Los Angeles home together. Cuuute.

Jenna Dedicated a Whole Book to Him

Once Jenna’s debut book, Gracefully You, was published, her fans read a lil more about Steve (and her daughter, Everly) in the dedication. Aww!

Finally, He’s Fully Obsessed With Dogs and I Support It

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Shout-out to that bandanna!

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