Alice Evans: Ioan Gruffudd couldn’t abide ‘fatties’ & didn’t want me to gain weight

From what I can understand, Ioan Gruffudd told Alice Evans that he was leaving her and seeking a divorce back in January of this year. It’s more than likely that there had been a lot leading up to that moment, but Alice seems to be an unreliable narrator of her own chaos, so no one knows for sure. I definitely believe that throughout 2020, there was a lot of foreshadowing that their marriage was not great and it’s not like Ioan walked in one day this January and announced he was leaving. What no one really understands is why Alice is hellbent on tweeting through all of it, even when it’s clearly bad for her, bad for Ioan, bad for their kids and good for the lawyers. I’ve quietly agreed with the sentiments from lawyers and divorcees that Alice is going to tweet her way into losing custody of their kids.

Of course, Alice did some foreshadowing of her own, and everyone knew that Alice was going to completely lose her sh-t when Ioan moved on and began dating someone new. And that’s exactly what happened this week – Ioan became Instagram-official with his girlfriend Bianca Wallace, an extra/actress on Ioan’s show Harrow. Alice keeps doing tweet-storms about Ioan and Bianca and then she’ll delete some of the sh-t and then she’ll reply to people and it’s just a big social media mess. I have no idea why she doesn’t just delete all of the social media apps and find a good therapist. Anyway, here’s some of the latest:

Alice Evans alleged that Ioan Gruffudd told her that he would leave her if she ‘gained weight’ in her latest tirade against her estranged husband. The actress, 50, launched into a fresh Twitter attack against the Welsh actor, 48, after revealing her young daughter is ‘inconsolable’ over her father’s new romance.

In her latest string of ranting tweets, Alice shockingly alleged that Ioan told her more than once that he would leave her if she ‘gained weight’. Her comments came in response to a tweet which read: ‘Some words of caution for new side chick and marriage wrecker @BiancaWarren… don’t gain an ounce of weight. @IoanGruffudd likes his women anorexic skinny. Time to dig out the thighmaster and cigarettes.’

Alice replied to the tweet with a row of crying laughing faces, before insisting that the Twitter user was ‘not wrong’ in their claims.

She added: ‘You’re not wrong. He told me several times over the years that he couldn’t abide ‘fatties’ and he would leave if I gained weight. I guess he was true to his word this time!’

[From The Daily Mail]

Yeah, again, she’s shown herself to be an unreliable narrator of all of this. Maybe Ioan had strong feelings about how his girlfriends/partners should look, maybe not. I don’t know the man. All I know is that I would have found it difficult to live with Alice for more than a week, so I have no idea how he managed to make it through all of these years with her.

Oh, and she’s still using the kids as pawns in her melodrama.

By the way, Elsie is still inconsolable. I can't send her to school today. Her whole little world has collapsed.

— Alice Evans (@AliceEvansGruff) October 28, 2021

These are all photos of Alice this week in LA.

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