Actress June Whitfield dies aged 93

Actress June Whitfield has died aged 93.

The veteran TV star passed away peacefully on Friday, her agent confirmed to the BBC.

While the cause of death is not currently clear, she only recently sat down for an interview in which she revealed her health was failing.

Asked by radio host ‘Diddy’ David Hamilton if she was still getting acting offers, she said: “Not really. As an actress, you must be able to walk about and I’m not very good at that.”

Dame June joked that her lack of mobility meant one of the few parts she ccould still play was some­one “in bed going to sleep”.

And despite once playing Edina Monsoon’s (Jennifer Saunders) long-suffering mum in Absolutely Fabulous, she admitted she no longer watched TV because of the sex and swearing.

“Everything, every channel, it’s either some sex scene or a killing of some kind," she said.

“And where’s the humour gone? You can’t really get a good laugh from television.

"I do like people like [comic] Michael McIntyre , but some of them just spend the whole time swearing.”

She also took a swipe at political correctness, saying: “You cannot make a joke about anybody.”

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