Zendaya Just Dyed Her Hair *Red*—Like, Really, Really Red

Zendaya, Our Kween Who Art In Heaven, just dyed her hair red while on a press tour for Spider-Man: Far from Home, and it’s quite literally breaking the internet right now (so, like, get your Instagram stalking done fast, because the internet might not be here in the morning).

It’s not so much that Zendaya has had the same hair for decades and finally made a bold choice for once in her life—no, the actress/our leader is known for playing with her hair, jumping from choppy curtain bangs to a platinum-blonde bob in just the span of a few months. It’s that this hair change is actually real (no clip-ins or wigs), and, according fans, is also a major hint that she’ll for sure be playing Ariel in the upcoming The Little Mermaid remake.

Whaaa? I know—so many questions, so little time…to beg celebrities for clarification. Thankfully, Zendaya was feeling particularly chatty on Twitter today, and actually explained her hair change. When one fan asked “is it a wig or dye? We gotta know,” Zendaya replied with “I dyed it, semi-permanent.”


@jnwtts face in the second picture is all that matters

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And, when one fan asked (in all caps, natch) if the red hair was a subtle confirmation that Zendaya would, in fact, be playing Ariel in Disney’s live-action reboot, or if she was just showing love for her role of MJ in the Spider-Man franchise, Zendaya Tweeted “MJ homage,” more or less dispelling those Little Mermaid rumors. For now.

I dyed it, semi-permanent

MJ homage ♥️

Even if my hopes of having Zendaya play Ariel haven’t been alleviated, my intense, deep need for hair inspo has been. Like, do I dye my hair red, too?! Do I go pick up a box of auburn hair color and go to town?! These are the questions I need answers to, because I’m about to make a CVS run and channel my inner MJ/Zendaya/Ariel tonight.

…You know what? Brb. The time has come.

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