Where To Buy Urban Decay’s Naked Honey Palette If You Love Gold Shimmer & Great Packaging

In the words of Noah Centineo, "Whoa, whoa, whoa." As I scrolled through Instagram Stories today and prepared for my daily dose of self-loving, flute-playing, booty-shaking Lizzo, I was totally shook to see her instead dropping hints about a secret new palette from one of my all-time favorite beauty brands. If you saw the posts, you’re most definitely wondering where to buy the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette, and girl, same here. It looks incredible! After Lizzo leaked the newest addition to UD’s iconic Naked range, it’s safe to say that’s the #1 question on every beauty-lover’s mind at the moment. Mama needs a new Naked palette, y’all!

Like I said, I was minding my own business when all of the sudden, videos of Lizzo chilling with her friends suddenly switched to my fave floutist toting a never-before-seen palette from Urban Decay. The molten gold packaging had the words NAKED Honey written across, and I probably replayed the first clip ten times before letting myself watch the rest. I can safely say Honey will win for best Naked palette packaging of all time.

"Look a this f*cking thing, brand new. Hot off the presses," Lizzo declared as she panned the palette in all its glory:

Just look at that golden texture. In the words of my favorite Lizzo song, it looks "Good As Hell":

So many things were running through my mind at this point. Above all: Was Lizzo allowed to be showing this? Yes, she did just slay at an Urban Decay event celebrating the launch of the new Stay Naked line, but the brand hasn’t posted a thing about Naked Honey on social media, so I can’t help but wonder if it was meant to be kept secret?

However, all my concerns were forgotten the moment she opened up the palette:

Hello, golden honey goodness! Our girl did a slow-mo pan through the entire thing, so anyone watching her Story could pause the clip and look at the colors and shade names in more detail, which I obviously did.

Of course, true gold shimmer "Honey" looks like the star of the show:

"I’m wearing that gold glitter on my eyes," Lizzo announced, flipping her camera selfie-style. "My eyes, look at that!"

Okay, hi. I know she was already a part of Urban Decay’s Pretty Different campaign, but if she isn’t the official face of this palette, then I will not be buying! I also noticed an ample amount of gold shimmer on her décolletage, so I can’t help but wonder if there will be an entire Naked Honey collection, complete with body glitter. A girl can dream!

Urban Decay’s most recent post was about the Naked Cherry Palette, so who knows when they’ll announce Naked Honey for real:


Urban Decay, if you’re reading this, I can’t wait! I need to get my hands on this golden goodness right now!

According to Elle, Naked Honey dropped in the UK on August 13, so who knows when we’ll see it hit shelves in the states. Fingers crossed for ASAP — Lizzo, make it happen!

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