This is how to repair hair that’s damaged by colouring and bleach

Two-tone hair requires proper treatment and care. Here’s everything you need to know about caring for bleached hair.

From glossy lips to oversized hair clips, nostalgic beauty has been dominating trends for a while– just take a look at all of the 90s hairstyles making a comeback. The most recent to catch everyone’s attention and saturate our Instagram feeds? Dyeing the front of your hair another colour, aka two-toned hair.

The 90s trend involves dyeing the front or top sections of your hair in a shade that starkly contrasts the rest of your hair colour.

The only problem with this face-framing trend? If your hair is dark, it can require a lot of bleach to drastically lighten your hair, meaning damaged hair is almost unavoidable.

This was the case for singer Dua Lipa, who got the two-toned hairstyle at the end of 2019. Last year, Lipa posted a picture on Instagram Stories of a new fringe, revealing that her bangs weren’t part of a haircut and that bleach had actually left her hair damaged and broken. “PSA: This is not a haircut. It’s bleached breakages but I’m runnin w it [sic],” she wrote on the post.

However, Bella Hadid recently trying two-toned hair herself (she opted for orange), it seems this is a hairstyle that’s here to stay.

With hair salons closed across the country, many people are attempting their own at-home dye jobs, but we’d strongly advise against using bleach yourself and to leave it to the professionals. “At its most basic, bleach is a pre-lightener that removes natural pigment from the hair,” explains Adam Reed, L’Oreal Professional editorial ambassador.

Reed notes that over-processing hair from colour or pre-lightening is one of the biggest cause of damage. “This can happen when pre-lightener is left on for too long, overlaid or added to already damaged hair.”

Before colouring hair, Reed says it’s important to use a bonding product, such as L’Oreal Professionnel’s Smartbond, £13.30, to help protect hair.

For at-home treatments, your products should focus on conditioning hair. “This is absolutely paramount and continual nourishment with conditioning products helps to protect and refortify hair bonds,” he adds.

Unfortunately, if your hair does get damaged by over processing, it’s almost irreparable, says Reed. “Prevention is always key when it comes to pre-lightening,” he adds, “If hair is damaged, it is important to have regular trims and hair treatment. Always consult your stylist about the best care routine for your hair.”

If it isn’t too late for your hair, here’s our round-up of conditioning products created for parched, damaged hair. If you’re thinking about trying the trend, remember: condition, condition, condition…

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Originally published 14 April 2020.

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