There's No Shortage of Ink Inspiration With This Summer's Biggest Tattoo Trends

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2020 Summer Tattoo Trend: Feminine Designs

Selecting your next tattoo is no easy task โ€” it’s a big decision that can often be years in the making. There are many factors to take into consideration: personal preference, sentimental value, location, and the latest trends. While we can’t help you navigate the first few factors, we can lend a hand with the latter.

While most people took the spring season off from getting any fresh ink, many parlors have since reopened and started accepting appointments again (or they will be soon). If anything, all of this time at home has given us ample opportunities to gather summer tattoo ideas in preparation for the first session back.

If you’re itching to get inked again, you’re not alone โ€” celebrities like Lucy Hale and Storm Reid have already rushed back to their favorite tattoo artist for a new addition.

For anyone looking to get a new tattoo this summer, you’ll find no shortage of creative and fresh trends to pull inspiration from. “It’s best to do what’s true to your heart โ€” that will always be trendy,” Los Angeles-based celebrity tattoo artist and BodyMark Creative Director Miryam Lumpini, aka The Witchdoctor, told POPSUGAR. Keep reading to see all of her trend predictions.

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