The Meaning Behind Barbie Ferreira's Hidden Tattoos

The Meaning Behind Barbie Ferreira’s Hidden Tattoos

  • Barbie Ferreira has two known tattoos so far.
  • Her partner inked one tattoo during stay-home orders using the stick-and-poke technique.
  • Each piece of ink holds a special significance to the actor centered on body acceptance and self-love.

After a two-plus year hiatus, Euphoria is finally back for season two, and the hype around the cast is bigger than ever. One character that’s earned rave reviews for her makeup prowess (and lesson in empowerment) is fan-fic churning Kat Hernandez, leading to an even bigger interest in Barbie Ferreira, the actor who plays her. While we know Ferreira had a modeling career leading her into the acting world and that her online social media presence showcases body positivity in all its glory, one thing we rarely see on her Instagram grid is her newish collection of hidden tattoos.

In a recent interview with Allure, Ferreira opened up about her anxiety in light of the global pandemic. In addition to the work she did on herself “that I would not have done if I wasn’t paused,” she also did the unexpected and got some DIY ink. Living at her newly-bought L.A. home with her three cats – Mortimer, Magdalena, and Thomas – and partner and musician, Elle Puckett, Ferreira told the publication: “I was like, ‘Fuck it. I can’t die and not have tattoos.”

While both of the designs aren’t as readily visible because of their placements (one tattoo is on her butt and the other is on her side boob), each one has a fun backstory that’s well worth the read. Keep scrolling to see what we mean ahead.

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