Taylor Swift, Relatable Woman, Ripped Off Her False Eyelashes During Her Concert

False eyelashes: you either love them or you hate them. I fall into the latter category, finding myself unable to keep them on for more than an hour, and it seems Taylor Swift and I have that in common.

During the Sydney stop of her Reputation tour, Swift performed like the professional she is, despite the pouring rain. However, this did present some challenges in the beauty department. While we’re sure her makeup artist always uses waterproof makeup to ensure everything is performance proof, eyelashes can be unpredictable, especially in tricky weather conditions. After singing the opening lines of “Don’t Blame Me,” Swift is seen zoomed in on the big screen ripping off her lashes, in a way you can only imagine a pop star to do so, totally in time to the music. Fans were loving the lash removal, and one Twitter user wrote, “Imagine catching one of Taylor Swift’s fake eyelashes.” We can only dream.

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