Shoppers Say This Overnight Mask Gives Them ‘Baby Skin’

A year and change into the pandemic, things have started to seem very, very repetitive. The theme's even come through in entertainment: Where Groundhog Day as a premise stood alone for 27 years, 2020 saw the release of Palm Springs, and 2021, Boss Level, both of which feature day-repeating stories. If the same malaise is leaking into your beauty routine, shoppers say one overnight mask breaks the cycle and delivers a morning glow in its place. 

The trick comes from Versed's The Shortcut Overnight Facial, a tube of gently exfoliating cream that uses a combination of lactic and glycolic acid to break down dead skin cells and vitamin A to create the same anti-aging impact of retinol (for background, retinol is a vitamin A derivative). Those work in tandem with allantoin, rosehip, and vitamin E to soothe skin, and it's so effective, shoppers call the mask a transformative life-saver.

One person says that the mask is a "reset" for their easily agitated, breakout-prone skin, letting them "wake up with new skin" (in the least horror-movie way possible). Along the same lines, a different shopper reports it "gave [them] a new face," describing the shock of going to sleep with their skin dull and irritated from a hormonal breakout, and then waking to a breakout-free, pore-minimized, "fresh as a daisy" situation. 

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What's perhaps most impressive is the sheer number of people with sensitive skin who say it doesn't irritate their face in the slightest, but leaves it feeling velvety and vibrant. That's no small praise, given standalone retinol's capacity to leave skin dry and peeling. 

Most people mention using it a few times a week, and each time the potent ingredients leave their skin brighter, tighter, and feeling like fresh "baby skin." One 49-year-old shopper goes so far as to call The Shortcut "a miracle worker," describing the delight of waking up to skin left "incredibly soft and smooth." Another person in their 40s says they're "in love" with the formula, since after one use, their forehead lines were "extremely less noticeable." 

Stubborn dark spots and pimples also vacate within two uses, shoppers say, and a couple of weeks sees skin newly bright and even. A shopper dubs it their "holy grail of skincare products," thanks to the skin clarity it delivers, and another writes that it full-on changed their skin. "On the second and third days, I remember looking at myself in the mirror and feeling like I was seeing something different," they explain. In our same-old, same-old reality, that's essentially the dream. You can buy the Versed The Shortcut Overnight Facial for just $20.

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