Regina King's Biggest Skin-Care Tip For Every 20-Something: "Moisturize"

Regina King’s Biggest Skin-Care Tip For Every 20-Something: “Moisturize”

Regina King is a Hollywood legend, but television and movies aren’t the only places she’s leaving her mark. Most recently, the Watchmen actor partnered with Vaseline on its new Equitable Skincare for All campaign, which brings awareness to the disparities often faced by the underserved community of Black and brown people seeking access to dermatological care.

King said making sure people of color are heard in the skin-care industry and beyond starts with education. “Educate your chemists, hire chemists that are aware of those differences, and educate the doctors who aren’t aware,” she told POPSUGAR. “I also feel like it has to be a collective desire to want to provide skin care and products for everyone. The human race is not just one color or texture; it’s a myriad of all of those things. It needs to be a collective desire to want access to skin care to be universal and equal.”

She continued, “With Vaseline, that’s one of the things we recognized in this partnership — it is the same case when it comes to skin care and professionals being familiar with the differences between Black skin and white skin.”

As for her other beauty lessons she’s learned along her 30-plus years in the entertainment industry? Well, she’s sharing all that — plus, the advice she wants to pass on to her son — ahead.

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