Lush may be discontinuing your favourite bath bomb

The brand’s founder tested every product during lockdown and decided to give some of them the chop.

It’s a word that strikes fear in the heart of any beauty lover: ‘discontinued’. Unfortunately, Lush has announced it is discontinuing over 100 of its products and some of its fans are upset that their favourite bath bombs and body oils will stop being produced.

The bath and body brand will be giving the chop to items across its bath bomb, bath oil, bubbles, shower, body, face, make-up, oral care, soap and hair categories. Basically, all of them.

Some of the products that will be discontinued include Turtle Jelly Bath Bomb, Honey I Washed The Kids Bath Bomb, Karma Kream Lotion, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Bath Oil and Supernatural Shower Bomb.

Confirming the news on its website, Lush stated that lockdown gave its founder Mark Constantine some time to reflect on every product across the brand. It also presented an opportunity for him to try them all.

After testing the products, Constantine considered three questions: “does it serve customer’s needs, is it number one in its category and is it part of a cosmetic revolution?” Once testing was done, a final list of discontinued products was formed.

In a statement, the brand said: “There are bound to be some disappointments but far many more opportunities as we make room to create things that are best in their class – fewer products, that give you better results.”

It also hinted that fans may be able to vote their favourites back for a special appearance in the Lush Kitchen subscription box: “It will take a while before these are all gone, but as always at Lush nothing is often gone forever.”

You can see the full list of discontinued products on Lush’s website.

Main image: Lush

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