Lindsey Vonn Shared a Look at Her Challenging Home Workout

Lindsey Vonn, 36, doesn’t let things like retirement or a global pandemic get in the way of training like the elite athlete she is.

She squeezed in an intense at-home strength training session last night right in her living room. (Or what looks like her living room with the TV on.) Vonn shared snippets of her workout with the caption, “Evening at home workout 💪🏻”

Vonn certainly flexed her way through all the tough moves. She completed weighted lunges using an ottoman and weighted squats. Then she hopped on the spin bike and sweated it out. She recorded a video to document the stream of sweat pouring off her face with the text, “chin drip 🤷‍♀️”

Incredibly, the Olympian was still ready to hit the slopes the next day. Following her workout, Vonn posted a few photos from her powder day exploring Deer Valley in Utah.

Lately, Vonn is just as dedicated to working on her mental strength as she is to her physical strength. “I like feeling strong, and when I feel physically strong, I feel so much more mentally strong,” she previously told Women’s Health. “When I work out, I feel like I’m healthier and more confident.”

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