John Travolta Is Bald Now & He Looks Like An Entirely Different Person

It’s only a week into 2019 and it seems every celebrity in Hollywood has taken the plunge to switch up their hair for the the new year. While some stars have been posting dye jobs or just cutting it all off, John Travolta took a bald New Year’s photo with his daughter.

For those who have crushed on the actor since he starred in hit films like Saturday Night Fever and Grease, this may come as a shock. He took to Instagram to share a selfie while posing with his daughter Elle Bleu of the new ‘do.

The father-daughter duo rang in the new year with olives in martinis along with a shiny new head. "I hope everyone had a great New Year!" Travolta captioned the photo.

Many still fawn over Travolta’s slicked back mane that he’d been known for back in the late ’70s, but in all fairness, he hardly lets anyone forget posting iconic scenes from Grease and Welcome Back, Kotter to his Instagram account. While he may have a new ‘do with a lot less hair, there’s still plenty of his silver fox shadow beard to be awe-inspired by.

It’s a drastic change of style for the actor, but many of his fans were definitely in favor of the bald look.

"Finally! Love you slick bald brother.. handsome guy and great look on you..hope to see you more like this… your true self is the best self!" one fan commented under the photo.

"Still hot with no hair," another fan wrote. Can you really blame them?

Many remember Travolta’s wavy locks making their appearance in the mid ’70s. The inner conflict was too real when he came to be known as the good-looking bad boy in Carrie, playing the role of Billy Nolan, one of two antagonists who dumped the blood on homegirl on prom night.

Then all was forgiven when Travolta became the face of Danny Zuko in Grease, which was literally all about sleek and slicked back hair, group dance moves, and ’50s cars racing against time to claim turfs.

Despite the unveiling of this new bald ‘do, Travolta hasn’t said what prompted him to rock the bold look. On the other hand, he may have given some indication to a change in appearance in a video he posted with his family on Christmas Day.

Making sure the camera was on in very dad-like fashion, Travolta cued his family to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, captioning the video, "Merry Christmas from our family to yours!" In the video, the Gotti actor may have tried to hide his new look under a baseball cap, but one fan apparently saw through the hat, leaving them to praise the ‘do, commenting with an approving "Better Bald!!!"

Anyone who was a fan of John Travolta’s wavy mane, they may be weeping, but the rest of us embracing change are all here for a bold bald look.

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