How to nail a winged eyeliner look

I always love the makeup trends at fashion shows and the latest Spring/Summer 2019 looks are already migrating onto civilian lids.

Eyeliner was a standout trend from the recent "Fashion Month", where the strokes came in all shapes and sizes.

At Marc Jacobs the vintage winged eyeliner got an update with the prettiest pink lid.

At Marc Jacobs the vintage winged eyeliner got an update with the prettiest pink lid. Credit:AAP

As always, Dior went above and beyond with Peter Philips’ crazy geometric styles. There were intense black blocks of overdrawn liner at Dries Van Noten, while at Marc Jacobs head makeup artist Diane Kendal updated the classic winged eye by adding the prettiest peach shadow to the lids that matched the models' hair colour (add Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Palette, to your must have list). Rochas' look was all about open-ended winged liner with free-range inverted triangles.

These eyeliner looks can be easily adapted (if you have a steady hand) to work into your eye makeup routine and add an element of fun. For night, try a glittery version in your favourite hue.

Whether it is worn as an instant glam pick-me-up on the watermark rim, smudged all over the lids, or as a finely-drawn cat eye à la Adele, the colouring-in power of eyeliner is undeniable. Having said that, it can be a tricky beast to wrangle. So, in the quest for the perfectly rendered eye, here are some tips to draw by.

Eye opening

Try flesh-coloured eyeliner to open up your eyes. Concealer-coloured eyeliner worn on the inner rim is much subtler and softer on the eye than wearing arctic white liner. Work it this way, or try smudging it all around the lash line above and below lashes to really open up the eye area. It’s kind of the reverse panda. Try Tarte Fake Awake Highlighter Pencil.

Cat Eyes

Now, this term can strike fear into the heart of even the most ardent beauty addict and I, for one, struggle big time with a cat eye look. For those with a steady hand, draw the shape you want first with a soft brown pencil liner (this is easy to fine tune with makeup remover and a cotton tip if you go rogue) and then fill in the shape with a dark liquid liner in black brown or our new favourite deep green, perfecting the shape as you go.

Option two: try using a small Post-it note placed on the outer corner of the eye up to the brow and run your liquid liner right next to the edge. This will help keep the flick even on both sides.

If, like me, your drawing skills are limited, I have discovered a genius Australian product called The Quick Flick. It has a left-and-right, double-ended, pencil-shaped stick. One end is a clever cat eye stamp that you press on the outer edge of your eye; the other end is a liquid liner for highlighting the base of your lashes and adding depth to the stamp. Pure gold.

Fix it

A tip for those with unsteady hands: try primer to tidy up any wonky lines or smudges. Perfect the shape using a small synthetic brush or cotton-tip dipped in primer. One of our all-time favourites is Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.

Get it on

If you want to go free hand, rest your working elbow on a flat surface to give you stability, then place a hand mirror on the surface and look down into it; this will give you a clearer picture of the edge of your eye with out lashes getting in the way. And, as with most things in life, practice makes perfect.

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