How to do syrup nails, the translucent trend we're loving

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From Hayley Biebs’ glazed donut nails to the recent Sofia Richie-inspired blueberry milk manicure, it’s clear that minimal is the new maximal when it comes to nails.

But minimal doesn’t have to mean all nudes, browns and French tips: you can add a pop of colour to your nails while keeping them sleek and subtle with the latest syrup nails trend, which is all over our For You Page. 

Similar to this winter’s lip gloss nails, syrup nails are all about having a sheer, glossy, syrup-like finish with a natural ombre effect.

The K-beauty inspired trend actually originated in Japan and is ideal for anyone who wants a toned down look without relying on neutral colours — though nudes, browns and pinks look gorgeous in this trend, too!

How to achieve syrup nails

While you can ask for syrup nails in the salon, this mani trend is super easy to do from home. 

You can get a specific jelly nail polish that will help you perfect the look, or you can DIY by mixing a normal nail varnish with a clear base coat with a 1:2 ratio to achieve a translucent hue.

Then top it off with a glossy top coat.

Simply layer the nail polish, starting from the middle of the nail to the tip, then adding another coat starting from the base of the nail all the way to the tip.

You can add another coat of nail polish or just add your glossy top coat and you’re golden! 

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The best syrup nail polishes

Gelcare Cherry Jello Polish, £15

The perfect toned-down red

Gelcare Lavender BB Cream, £15

No need to mix with a base coat!

Manicurist Paris Active Glow Polish, £16

This polish acts as a colour and a treatment for your nails

Best glossy top coats

Barry M Plumpy Top Coat, £2.99

Get that wet look for under £3.

Best clear base coats

Rimmel London Nail Nurse Base & Top Coat 5 in 1, £2

Mix with your colour to create a translucent hue

Nail Kind Natural Base Coat, £8.95

This one dries quick!

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