How a Celebrity Acupuncturist Alleviates Stress at Home

Global unrest continues to surge as we enter a new year of the pandemic, and it's pretty damn hard to find ways to cope when we can barely leave the house. Anyone who isn't stressed out of their mind right now is either a liar or the person we want to become. 

That's precisely why we reached out to celebrity acupuncturist Dr. Juhi Singh, founder of the Juhi Ash Center in New York City. She counts supermodels Sara Sampaio, Adut Akech, and Blanca Padilla among her clients and is practically bursting with wisdom for maintaining a healthy mind at home. "Stress comes from doggedly focusing and adhering to one thought," she tells InStyle in an email. "For me to provide technical support for mindfulness requires an open mind. An open mind is a good catalyst to a clear mind. And a clear mind allows you to focus on someone else's stress, in turn alleviating some of your own."

We asked Dr. Singh about her favorite products for stress management, and she had plenty of gems to share. Keep scrolling to learn more about her tried-and-true techniques. Recommendations aside, she says to prioritize one thing over all else when embarking on your wellness journey: "Enjoy the exploration, missteps and all."

Unwind With Essential Oils

"Meditation remains my saving grace," says Dr. Singh. "You don't need to have a vast array of accoutrements and a quiet space to do it. The aim is to attain tranquility in chaos." If you'd like to go the extra mile to create a relaxed environment, she recommends integrating essential oils into your routine. She loves the oils from DoTerra due the brand's ethical sourcing and humanitarian efforts. "There's something in knowing that what you use to benefit yourself has not infringed on someone else's well-being," she explains. "While you're soaking in lavender you can rest easy in the thought that its source has also been taken care of."   

Check out DoTerra's roll-on lavender oil for an easy-to-incorporate option. If you'd prefer a different scent, consider the brand's top-rated lemongrass and peppermint varieties. Pop a few drops of your favorite into a bath for a spa-like experience, or immerse your entire space in fragrance with a diffuser. This one from InnoGear is affordable and has earned over 14,000 five-star reviews.

doTERRA lavender oil

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Ball Out

If you're unfamiliar with the wonderful world of massage balls, allow Dr. Singh to introduce you. "I think the marketing name for these products might be a faux pas, but they do indeed work," she says. "Designed to mimic a masseuse's hands, TriggerPoint offers the MB1, a soft-surface ball that gently coaxes muscles into happiness."

The TriggerPoint MB1 is marked down to just $12 on Amazon, making the multipurpose foam ball an investment worth trying out. "If you're feeling cheeky or brave, [TriggerPoint] also offers the MobiPoint massage ball with raised pinpoints for a stronger acupressure feel." Dr. Singh adds. "I wouldn't go so far as to say foam will ever be as good as human hands, but they're good for maintenance until you can get to your favorite spa." This technique is especially great for alleviating stress in hard-to-reach places: Simply rub the ball along targeted regions for an incredible deep tissue massage.

Triggerpoint massage ball

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Find a COVID-Safe Embrace

Studies have proven time and again that human touch can increase the dominance of the parasympathetic nervous system, the body's rest-and-digest system for slowing the heart rate and alleviating stress. Since our contact with others is so limited right now, Dr. Singh suggests weighted blankets as an alternative that will help you achieve similar results. "I adore the bear-like-hug of weighted blankets to ease anxiety in a time when hugs are scarce. Most contain glass beads in a quilted cover, though Bearaby offers a completely natural crocheted version that I like," she says. 

The Bearaby Cotton Napper will run you a cool $249 in its 15-pound iteration. If that's not in your budget, consider the $60 YnM Weighted Blanket, which is an Amazon best-seller, or this $32 option from ZZZhen, which has raked in more than 4,000 perfect ratings. 

Bearaby Cotton Napper

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