Hairdresser shares one area we all miss when washing our hair

If someone were to criticise your hair washing skills, chances are you wouldn’t believe them.

A simple task completed several times a week is not difficult, and after decades of doing it, we all should be experts.

However, you, I and all of us are wrong, according to one hairdresser. 

TikTok user and former hairdresser @kamikirschbaum has taken to the app to reprimand viewers for their less than optimal washing skills and share her top hair care tips. 

‘There’s honestly such an art to hair washing, but we will start here,’ she says as she demonstrates what not to do. 

According to the expert, simply rubbing shampoo onto your hair won’t cut it. 

‘Do not wash your hair like this, just rubbing shampoo in and hoping for the best. It will leave your hair super dirty,’ she notes.

She says the key is to scrub the hair using your fingertips. 

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‘Wash like this,’ she advises. ‘Use your fingertips to scrub that scalp. I always wash 2-3 times until I feel everything is squeaky clean.’

Meanwhile, she also pointed out an area of the hair that we often miss. 

‘You have to get underneath,’ she says. ‘This is the most forgotten part.’

Since being posted, the video has received over 1.2 million views, with many in the comments sharing they have been doing it wrong all along. 

‘For everyone else hiding because you do it the first way, you’re safe with me. I do it that way,’ wrote one viewer. 

Others were shocked that it wasn’t common knowledge. 

‘You’re telling me we’re not all scrubbing/scratching our heads like we have fleas every time we shampoo?’ asked one concerned follower. 

Subsequently, fellow hairdressers joined the debate too and noted the problem is more common than people realise. 

‘I do a lot of updos for wedding/events,’ wrote an industry insider. 

‘I ask my clients to wash their hair the night before and have it dry and ready to go. But you’d be shocked at how many grown-ass women don’t know how to wash their hair correctly.

‘All of that oil build-up.’

What way do you wash your hair?

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