Global Empires: The 10 Most Valuable Brands In The World In 2019

In today’s faced-paced global economy, becoming one of the most successful brands in the game presents a unique set of challenges. That being said, some organizations have been able to meet these challenges head-on and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

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In recent years, we have seen an elite group of businesses reach the top. Of course, climbing the ladder of success is challenging enough, but staying on the top rung of said ladder can be even more difficult. With that in mind, we are about to take a look at ten brands that currently hold the title of “world’s most valuable,” based on data provided by CNBC.

10 AT&T ($108.4 Billion)

AT&T’s roots go as far back as 1877 when they were a part of the Bell Telephone Company. For those unfamiliar, the Bell Telephone Company was founded by Alexander Graham Bell – the man who is credited with inventing the telephone.

These days, AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications corporation. They are based in Dallas, Texas, and are particularly dominant in the US marketplace. AT&T provides more mobile, and fixed services in the United States than any other company of its kind. In total, the telecommunications heavyweight is said to be worth a whopping $108.4 billion, which is good enough to earn the number ten spot on our list.

9 McDonald’s ($130.4 Billion)

Those who have already taken a look at Burger Kings: 10 Most Valuable Fast Food Chains won’t be surprised to see Micky D’s listed here. After all, the popular quick-service franchise is the most recognized brand in the industry. The restaurant that is synonymous with the Golden Arches has been cranking out burgers since May of 1940 when it was founded by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald.

Today, McDonald’s is a global fast-food juggernaut that has locations in over 100 different countries. They employ approximately 1.7 million people (making them the world’s second-largest employer) who work tirelessly to serve roughly 69 million customers daily. These numbers are just a few of the reasons McDonalds Corporation has a $130.4 billion net worth.

8 Tencent ($130.9 Billion)

Founded in 1994, Tencent Holdings Limited (aka Tencent) is a Chinese company that’s a major player in several different industries. They are the world’s largest gaming company. Tencent has also more than made their presence felt in both the tech and social media industry as well. Their subsidiary, Tencent Music Entertainment, controls the majority of China’s music services and has over 120 million paying subscribers.

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Tencent’s wealth comes from the hundreds of subsidiaries they own in fields like the ones mentioned above. Thanks to their diverse portfolio of successful businesses, the organization is a corporate juggernaut worth a cool $130.9 billion (USD).

7 Alibaba ($131.2 Billion)

Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese company that was founded in 1999 by business magnate, Jack Ma. At present, they are the top dog in both eCommerce and retail industries. The profitable venture capitalist firm is also leading the way in artificial intelligence research. As it turns out, one of the tech giant’s leading competitors is Tencent, who also made the list.

Based in the Yuhang District of Hangzhou, Zhejian, Alibaba is currently the most valuable brand in Asia and the seventh most valuable organization on the planet. All in all, Alibaba Group Holding Limited is worth a total of $131.2 billion.

6 Facebook ($159 Billion)

Given how prominent the brand is, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Facebook has only been around since 2004, making it the youngest organization listed. The social media powerhouse is considered one of the world’s Big Four tech companies (we’ll get to the other three shortly). Founder Mark Zuckerberg and crew also acquired platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram, thus expanding Facebook’s already lucrative portfolio.

What started out as a small website created by a group of college students has morphed into arguably the greatest entrepreneurial success stories of the 21st century. At present, Facebook’s net worth stands at an impressive $159 billion.

5 Visa ($177.9 Billion)

Visa Inc. is currently the most valuable financial services company in the game. Originally founded in 1958, the high-profile credit card provider is headquartered in sunny Fresno, California. Visa currently has a presence on six continents (everywhere but Antarctica) and houses heavily secured data centers that can handle around 30,000 transactions per second. Outside of credit cards, Visa also makes their money issuing both debit and prepaid cards as well.

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Over the years, the credit king has been able to bring in a healthy sum of cash. At present, Visa Inc. is the fifth most valuable brand around with roughly $177.9 billion in total assets.

4 Microsoft ($251.2 Billion)

When Bill Gates and company first started Microsoft back in 1975, they probably never imagined it would one day become one of the most profitable brands ever created. The software developer has brought us operating systems like Windows, which helped make it so that just about anyone can operate a computer. Some of their other high-profile creations include the X-box (and it’s predecessors), Microsoft Office, and Internet Explorer.

The multinational tech company based in Redmond, Washington, is not considered one of the Big Four. However, they’re still doing just fine. At present, the publicly traded titan is worth a total of $251.2 billion and counting.

3 Google ($309 Billion)

If one does a Google search for the third most valuable company in the world they’ll find the answer is – well – Google. The multinational technology brand has been in existence since 1997. They are best known for their internet-related products, including the search engine you most likely used to find this very article. A good portion of their money also comes from a variety of online advertising technologies they’ve created over the years.

Google is the third most valuable of the Big Four tech companies, with the other two next up on our list. In total, the organization’s net worth is listed at $309 billion.

2 Apple ($309.5 Billion)

In 1976, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and the legendary Steve Jobs founded what would become one of the most successful tech brands ever conceived, Apple Inc. The company started out creating computers like the Apple I, which sold for $666.66 in 1976 (which is equal to about $3,000 in today’s money). By the time the company was incorporated in 1977, the third founder, Ronald Wayne, had sold his share to Wozniak for $800. As we now know, Wozniak would end up getting the better of the deal.

Cleary, Wayne had no idea that Apple would one day become one of the Big Four tech companies, which now happens to be worth a total of around $309.5 billion.

1 Amazon ($315.5 Billion)

The king of the Big Four tech companies is none other than Amzaon Inc. The multinational corporate giant was founded back in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and is seemingly taking over the world. Amazon owns the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace. The delivery service Amazon Prime is another one of the organizations big money makers along with the popular grocery store chain Whole Foods, which the company purchased back in 2017.

In 2015, Amazon officially beat out Walmart to become the most valuable retail business in the United States. While the number is constantly moving, Amazon is said to be worth roughly $315.5 billion.

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