Everything You Need for Spring Cleaning

At first glance, your house looks great: You’ve disinfected, redecorated and organized; you’ve even set up your home office. But when was the last time you did a solid deep clean?

Deep cleaning involves more than just putting away laundry, running a vacuum or dusting your shelves with a microfiber cloth. It often requires scrubbing places you wouldn’t normally think about and using stain-fighting products and other hardworking cleaning supplies.

While a deep cleaning — or, if you’re doing it this time of year, a good old fashioned spring cleaning — is no small feat, now’s a prime time for an intensive clean of your kitchen, bathroom, windows and everywhere in between. After all, you’re spending more time at home than ever before, which means there’s probably more of a mess in your lived-in spaces than you’d usually find. And there are only so many shows to stream and exercises to do in your downtime.

From a vacuum on wheels to a scrub brush on steroids, these are the deep clean tools you’ll need to make your home stain-free and sparkling from the inside out.

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