"Botched" Doctors Work Major Magic on Trans Woman Who Had Cement Injected Into Her Face

Wow … what a difference!

After being turned away in past seasons, Rajee Narinsingh returned to "Botched" last night — and finally got the help she so badly needed.

The transgender woman had previously pleaded with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to help with her bumpy face, the result of injecting cement-like filler into her lips and cheeks that she bought on the black market. While the man who gave her the injections was sent to jail, she’s had to live with a mug that’s earned her the unfortunate nickname "Cinderblock-erella"

A fix on her face was deemed too dangerous before, but with the help of some steroid injections, inflammation was reduced, allowing the "Botched" docs to finally work their magic.

And what a transformation they were able to pull off!

Rajee had the foreign material removed from under her skin and was given a face lift, to give her cheeks a normal contour and an all-around smoother appearance.

The operation was definitely one of a kind for Dubrow, who performed the lift.

"I am not used to chopping through concrete in the middle of soft tissue … I am in the middle of a construction zone," he remarked during surgery. "It’s not very common that a plastic surgeon gets to use an orthopedic bone saw!"

During the big reveal, Rajee seemed happier than ever.

"Before my surgery, I was known as Cinderblock-erella," she explained. "I didn’t feel like a woman. Now I finally feel like the woman I’ve always wanted to be."

"As bumpy as my road has been, I’m about to embark on a new road and this road’s going to be a lot smoother," she added. "I know where true beauty is, I know it’s inside. You don’t judge a book by its cover … but it’s pretty damn good to have a revamping of my cover!"

"They’ve really given me a whole new future," she said in conclusion. "Dreams do come true."

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