Adrienne Norris, 67, Shows Off Toned Abs And Headstand Skills In New Instagram Video

  • Adrienne Norris, 67, showed off her abs and headstand skills in a new Instagram video.
  • She taught her fans how to do the impressive yoga move—with caution and practice.
  • Besides headstands, Adrienne stays fit with an ab wheel, resistance bands, and elliptical.

Adrienne Norris, a.k.a Gammy Norris, has six-pack abs all figured out. The Red Table Talk host—and Jada Pinkett Smith’s mom—took to Instagram to show off her toned core and headstand skills in a new Instagram video.

“You want to start from a nice, easy place here, you never want to jump or do something out of control when you’re going upside down in yoga or anything else,” the 67-year-old explains in the video, teaching her fans how to do a core-tightening headstand. She then moves into “a nice, easy downward dog, fingers spread nice and wide.”

“Start to walk one foot in a little bit, come into a nice sort of standing split, and just rock a little forward and back, just getting your hips over your shoulders, and getting that feeling of lifting all the way up instead of jumping,” Adrienne narrates in a voiceover, as she demonstrates the moves. “Really catch a little bit of air,the legs don’t have to go all the way straight, they can bend.”

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“Come down again, nice and slow, keep it just as controlled as you came up there, and then relax,” she continues. “Practice rocking forward and back, so looking right between your fingers, you can also look down, some people look up, continue this arched back.” Then, lower yourself back onto the yoga mat.

Normally, Adrienne works out with trainer Charles Harris, but during the pandemic, she’s been taking advantage of home workout gear like a core-carving ab wheel and resistance bands, in addition to her Elliptical machine and regular bodyweight exercises.

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Back when she was in the gym, Adrienne pumped some serious iron, too.

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Whether or not you’re ready to take the plunge and try a headstand, let Gammy Norris be your fitness inspiration—at any age.

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