A guide to Birkin bangs – what to know about the returning hair trend

Numerous beauty styles are having a renaissance at the moment.

From the heartthrob bob to flicky ends – it’s safe to say we’re getting déjà vu when it comes to hair.

And now Birkin bangs are also on the list of trends coming back around.

The style is named after the famous 60s style icon – not to mention muse for the iconic Hermes Birkin bag – Jane Birkin.

Her trademark bangs appeared effortless and natural during the decade – but are a little different to regular ones. 

Hair expert Nicole Petty, from Milk + Blush, sheds light on how they differ in a little more detail.


She tells Metro.co.uk: ‘Like most trends around right now, it certainly isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Birkin bangs effortlessly gracing – or should we say grazing – the faces of the rich, famous and cool.

‘The signature “Birkin bangs” appeared so natural, and they didn’t require as much time or attention to put together compared to some of the trademark hairstyles of the era.

‘Birkin bangs are long and eyelash-skimming, with a feathery look and texture. Plus, they are cut so softly that there aren’t any harsh or blunt lines.

‘The idea is that they require very little maintenance or styling and still leave you looking cool and chic if you leave the house in a hurry.’


This effortless appeal is why the style is growing in popularity and has been spotted on the likes of Dakota Johnson, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Zendaya, and all over TikTok and Instagram recently. 

‘The re-emergence follows other effortless styles, such as the bottleneck bob, heartthrob bob and Botticelli hair waves – where women are embracing their locks and choosing hairstyles that require little maintenance,’ explains Nicole.


And the good news is that pretty much anyone can wear the style too, according to Nicole.

She says: ‘Similarly to curtain, bottleneck or baby bangs, Birkin bangs are a classic way to frame the face and add a feminine touch to your look, whatever your face shape.’


Day-to-day maintenance is minimal too – which makes the style even more appealing.

Nicole explains: ‘To wear them in the same effortlessly chic way that Jane Birkin did, you don’t need to do too much. Before you step out of the house, give them a quick tousle or blow dry for the windswept aesthetic.

‘And if you do notice them getting a bit oily during the day, give them a spritz with some dry shampoo for a refresh.

‘For best results, ask your hairdresser to give them a trim every two to three weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.’

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