6 Haircut Trends That Are Going to Be Heating Up This Summer

6 Haircut Trends That Are Going to Be Heating Up This Summer

  • Haircuts this summer will be all about flattering layers and movement.
  • Popular styles include the “airspace” haircut and side-swept bangs.
  • Hairstylists are breaking down the biggest haircut trends of the season.

Piña coladas, pool floats, lots of socially acceptable opportunities to call ghosting someone after three months a “fling” — summer is all but the definition of low key, as are the haircut trends that tend to emerge each season. This year, the assemblage of up-and-coming styles is no exception, and they are the kind of chops that look good even if you do like getting caught in the rain.

“The general vibe with haircuts this summer will be low maintenance and effortless,” said Tauni Dawson, hairstylist at Nine Zero One salon in Los Angeles. That means lots of texture and movement — but very little upkeep post-cut.

Looking for specific ideas to bring to your next salon appointment? We’ve asked the pros to identify four of the coolest haircuts you’ll be seeing everywhere in the warmer months ahead, because everyone deserves something hot to look forward to . . . that doesn’t require cooling down with an umbrella drink.

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