'Ripoff' restaurant in Rome charged tourists £70 for just two burgers and three coffees

A RESTAURANT in Rome has shocked social media users after a receipt reportedly showing what it charged a couple of tourists was shared online.

A photo of the receipt showed that two burgers and three coffees plus service cost a hefty €81.40 (£70.62).

The hamburgers alone cost €25 (£21.69) each, coming to €50 (£43.38).

They were also charged €8 (£6.94) for one Americano coffee, two double cappuccinos for €8 (£6.94) each, plus a service charge of €7.40.

The restaurant, called Caffee Vaticano, is found opposite the Vatican museums, a popular tourist area.

It has over 1,800 reviews on TripAdvisor with just 1.5 stars out of five.

However, TripAdvisor has since "temporarily suspended publishing new reviews" due to an influx of submissions following the outrage.

Many warned that the restaurant did not have prices on their menu, which often resulted in tourists being charged extortionate fees.

The photo of the receipt was shared on social media, with many expressing their shock at the rude cost.

Facebook user Carlos said: "Wow such a rip off!! thanks for the heads up!"

One person wrote: "Absurd! How are they allowed? This receipt is the most scandalous, abominable and inconceivable that I could ever see!"

However not everyone was on their side.

One person wrote on a different Facebook page: "If, in 2019, you go to a place that has an average of 1.5 out of almost 2000 TripAdvisor reviews, you deserve it a little."

Others were stunned to find them ordering hamburgers before 11am with coffee.

Another user said: "The right punishment for those who eat burgers and a cappuccino together."

It isn't the first time tourists have been charged astronomical bills when in Italy.

In 2017, two British tourists were charged £463 for lunch in Venice after waiters brought over food they hadn't ordered.

Last year, a group of tourists were also ripped off in Venice and were charged £970 for three steaks, some fish and mineral water.

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