Epic gingerbread city with sports stadium and cinema puts our efforts to shame

The Museum of Architecture has put all of our gingerbread house efforts to shame as it unveils an epic CITY made entirely from the festive snack, on display at the V&A Museum.

We’re not talking just a couple of gingerbread houses put together to make one display.

We’re talking skyscrapers, a cinema, library, school, city farm, museum, sports stadium, homeless shelter, brewery, parks, hotels and even an ice bar.

An annual project, this year a host of designers and architects, including the late Zaha Hadid’s firm, teamed up to create a futuristic city – and it looks as impressive as it does delicious.

Based on a masterplan developed by Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design, teams were tasked with coming up with options for over 60 buildings to feature in the exhibition.

For example, Zaha Hadid Architects created an opera house by layering and stacking, while Foster + Partners used a robot to build a complex pavilion building.

Of course there’s ample opportunity for families who visit to get involved too. The museum will be hosting a series of gingerbread house-building workshop, where kids and parents alike can show off their skills (and get a tasty treat out of it too!).

The Gingerbread City will be open to the public in the V&A’s Museum of Architecture from Saturday 8th December through to Sunday 6th January.

Tickets are £6 and are available to buy on the V&A website . Under 12s go free.           

Melissa Woolford, Founder and Director of the Museum of Architecture, said: "It’s another thrilling year for Gingerbread City. The architects and designers have worked long through the night to bring us their best design ideas.

"They have practiced their bakes and made every blob of icing count. It has all come together to make a futuristic, inclusive and sustainable city on a mini-scale."

Hilary Satchwell, Director at Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design Ltd, said: "We need to be looking forwards in terms of how we make our cities better for all that live and work in them.

"It has been really exciting this year to set the Gingerbread City 2018 theme around how our future cities might work.

"For Tibbalds this isn’t about some dystopian vision about the future but about how real places can work for all of us and how we can live in well designed, attractive and lively places – and ideally that are a bit more long-lasting than these gingerbread ones."

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