American Airlines passenger disgusted after being served plane food made over 16 months ago

AN AMERICAN Airlines passenger was stunned to find his in-flight meal wasn't as fresh as he thought.

After ordering a special meal, he noticed the manufacturing date – which said it was made 16 months ago.

Travelling from Dallas to London Heathrow earlier this month, he was served the vegan red curry with steamed rice, after requesting a special meal.

However, the manufacturing date revealed it was made on February 11 2018.

He tweeted: "@AmericanAir the 'special' meal I received today on AA 50 was apparently prepared in February 2018 (1 year and 4 months old).

"I would eat it if you were taking me to Mars, not from DFW to LHR. You need to rethink this strategy."

He later told travel blog View From The Wing: "I was shocked so waited until regular service and asked the flight attendant.

"She went and brought another attendant to understand/figure out.

"I explained my concern that the meal was manufactured in Feb 2018 and this is June 2019.

"The second attendant took the meal from me and came back."

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